About us

The Fallen Angels crew consists of 5 guys;

Raphael, The Kingpin and Owner - Originaly ran a studio in poland for a few years, decided to come up to scotland to expand his base

Graham, The Manager and Laser Removal Specialist - Been in this industry probably longer than you have lived and very down to earth and says it how it is.

Dean, the Body Piercer - Has two tongues and magnetic implants under his skin. All forms of modification interests him

Tom, The Resident Tattooist - Has a great collection of weird and wild stuff including deer skulls and a ritual staff

Daniel, The Resident Tattooist - If he isnt talking about tattoos, he'll be going on about his car.

Together we make a good strong team with a passion for art and expression.
We all have very friendly faces and welcome everyone to pop in and have a chat!